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  • SEMS-SmartLED


    SEMS-SmartLED is the latest generation of integrated intelligent LED lights, support remote intelligent on and off, stepless dimming; with dual-band wireless AP (Access Point), to support the latest generation 802.11ac protocol support 3 × 3 MIMO, with excellent performance and superior outdoor coverage of hardware protection, support 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, wireless bridge, compatible with IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac standard.
  • SEMS-LCU Wireless Terminal Controller

    SEMS-LCU Wireless Terminal Controller

    SEMS-LCU wireless term inal cont roller is us ed for new energy lighting application, i.e. solar lighting. Because Zigbee is adopted for signal communication, there is no requirement for cablin construction, help users to save construction time and maintenance cost.
  • CC08Z Solar Remote Monitoring Unit

    CC08Z Solar Remote Monitoring Unit

    1. Product Specification System rated voltage: 9-32VDC Average power: <=1.2W Uplink communication: GPRS Downlink communication: Zigbee Working frequency: GSM850/EGSM900/DCS1800/PCS1900 Communication distance: 2000m 2. Product Function Turn on/off: Remote turn on/off a certain lamp, a loop of lamps or a defined group of lamps Dimming control: Remote dim a certain lamp, a loop of lamps or a defined group of lamps Time control: Control the RTU12W according to the setting turnon/off/dimming time of the control center Data query: Remote query the data of the solar panel, battery, lampstatus, current, voltage, etc. Data storage: Store the collected data, execution history record of the system device. Data report: Generate relevant data report for better analysis and 3. management. Data encryption: Encode the communication data Maintenance expansion: Remote parameter setting and maintenance and other function expansion. Nodes management: No more than 255 nodes. Uplink communication: GPRS/CDMA/Ethernet Downlink communication: Zigbee, RS485 Relay function Automatic running function Remote upgrading function System failure report function
  • SEMS-RTU09CWN NEMA wireless terminal

    SEMS-RTU09CWN NEMA wireless terminal

    NEMA wireless terminal SEMS-RTU09CWN interface is intelligent lights energy-saving products that can drive power or dimmable electronic ballasts for remote opening of dimmable LED, switch on/off, dimming interface. Application Lighting Controls