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  • SEMS-DC08 Data Concentrator

    SEMS-DC08 Data Concentrator

    Data Concentrator, which consists of PLC module, power board, ARM board, and GPRS module, plays a key role in structure and adjustment of the communication network for SEMS system. It receives data from Terminal Controller(s), forward commands to them; and it communicates with Server, receives commands and reports all related data.
  • SEMS-DC09 Data Concentrator

    SEMS-DC09 Data Concentrator

    SEMS-DC09T tunnel concentrator is the core product in the intelligent tunnel lighting system, its main function is about the communication network architecture. The DC09T can collect the terminal’s (street lamps controller) feedback information and transmit control commandby RS485 & DALI communication; receive command and report information by Ethernet connection and wireless communication & monitor center communication. With the remote upgraded function, it can monitor the current circuit’s electric quantity information.