Marketing Activities

  • IOTCOMM will Brighten Beijing Lighting Fair

    IOTCOMM will Brighten Beijing Lighting FairUpdata:2016-5-11

    Build up smart city, start with smart lighting. IOTCOMM devotes itself to provide more suitable and intelligent life for all human beings based on technology. Our team is going to bring the latest products of smart control lighting system SEMS V3.0 to take participate in Beijing Lighting Fair. Meantime, we hope to meet people from all walks of life and jointly discuss the development direction on smart lighting in future. Learn more
  • Invitation to Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2015/ c35 in hall 5.1

    Invitation to Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2015/ c35 in hall 5.1Updata:2016-5-11

    Invitation to Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2015/ c35 in hall 5.1 IOTCOMM is going to participate in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition on 9-12 June 2015 which is the world's biggest lighting and LED event in China. Learn more


    On 07/05/2014 Xiamen Evening Newspaper, smart energy management system of IOTCOMM (SEMS) was described as the news title “ energy-saving street lights can alarm automatically when operation failure happens.“Street lamps turn on/ off automatically according to surrounding brightness, and dim according to illumination demand. Meantime, it would detect failure and alarm the failure location of which lamp is broken or stolen or leaks electric.” “Compared with ordinary lighting system, our SEMS saves at least 40 percent per lamp, and clients can receive investment return within three years. Taking Xiamen as an example, the total amount of street illumination is 66,000, and energy cost is RMB 1,000 to 1,500 per lamp per year. If using our SEMS, considering other conditions remain, energy cost can save RMB 26.4 million per year.” IOTCOMM technical director said. Learn more
  • Delingha- solar light control system

    Delingha- solar light control systemUpdata:2016-5-11

    IOTCOMM provided Intelligent Monitoring System for 2000pcs Solar-powered Lights In Nov. 2014, IOTCOMM made a 2000units solar street lights projects in Delingha of Qinghai state, PRC, with latest SEMS remote solar lights control system. Learn more