Delingha- solar light control system


IOTCOMM provided Intelligent Monitoring System for 2000pcs Solar-powered Lights
In Nov. 2014, IOTCOMM made a 2000units solar street lights projects in Delingha of Qinghai state, PRC,
with latest SEMS remote solar lights control system. 

In this solar light monitoring project, we use RTU (light point controller, model RTU12W) to connect solar
charge controller of each solar light, all RTUs communicate with Gateway (master controller, Model CC08Z)
via Zigbee mesh network, and all these devices are controlled by SEMS central management software. 

With SEMS remote monitoring system users can:
lControl individual solar light on / off / dim to any light schemes
lMonitoring and inspect individual solar light from anywhere at any time
lAlarm and diagnosing light and solar system faults
lProtection for over-charge and over-discharge of solar batteries
lDim lights to lower power when battery is unable to afford a whole night
lRecord and inspection of energy in batteries and charging panels
lCount burning hours of solar lights
lInquiry power data of individual lights
lReal time control on Google map
lCheck and export energy reports
In order to optimize the Zigbee communication of all RTUs and Gateways, Gateways are installed on top
of light pole, under the solar panels.

The whole project may take two months for installation, should be finished before Chinese New Year.  
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